Way of St. James by bicycle: from Barcelona to Pamplona

Way of St. James by bicycle: from Barcelona to Pamplona

Peregrino’ means pilgrim in Spanish. But traveling the St. James’ Way by bicycle is a quite different story. It’s just wonderful to go on these historic paths and pass through the little ‘pueblos’ and stop wherever you want. At the same time, you meet people from all over the world in the hostels.

Here some impressions of a ‘bicigrina’ going the ‘Camino de Sant Jaume’ and part of the ‘Camino Aragonés‘ by bicycle…From Barcelona to Pamplona where you catch up with the main St James Way to Santiago de Compostela.

I’ve gathered everything I’d uploaded in my Social Media profiles while traveling, just copied from the original language and with the adecuate #hashtag 😉

So here we are, a kind of brief and spontaneous foto chronicle:



31 de Julio de 2013

Fröhliches Grinsen nachdem wir die Pilgerpässe bei den ‘Amics dels Pelegrins a Santiago’ abgeholt haben. Bald erwartet uns ein neues Abenteuer #Fahrradreisen. Wir starten vor der Haustür direkt in Barcelona über den katalanischen #Jakobsweg, später den aragonesischen (ist das richtig auf Deutsch? klingt komisch!) Weg bis nach Pamplona






23 August

Only 2 days left until our adventure starts! I’m very excited and a bit scared of the 1st «etapa» #BCN – Montserrat uphill!



24 August

  • 2 jackets (1 for the rain)
  • 2 sweaters
  • 2 bicycle shorts,
  • 1 long pants with pockets and zippers,
  • 3 T-shirts,
  • 3 pairs of socks,
  • 3 panties,
  • 1 bikini …

these are my cloths for the next 2 weeks, not much more!


25 August: Barcelona – Montserrat – 5 km

going-with-the-cremallera-to-montserrat-by-bicycle_by-desconnectFinally our adventure #CaminoCatalan starts today! Unfortunately with some delay. Pumping up the air, we noticed that one coat of a wheel was defect 🙁

Now, instead of sweating pushing uphill to Montserrat, we go comfortable #bytrain with the ferrocarriles and then the cremallera de Montserrat




Special point of view of #Montserrat / spezielle Sicht auf Montserrat #bytrain #nomadasenbici…

Monistrol de Montserrat, Barcelona

The rocks of #Montserrat seem like #fingers pointing up in the #sky

First etapa of #Caminocatalan done, more or less by train 😉

Just checked in monastery of #Montserrat – what a panorama! #nomadasenbici


Tonight we sleep in the #monasterio de #Montserrat.

We are alone in the pilgrims’ hostel …


26 August: Montserrat – Cervera – 65 km

Having a chocolate croissants after a splendid descent ride along curved narrowed streets without any traffic

Castellolí, Barcelona

writing in a pilgrim’s guestbook at the bakery Cal Forner




#bienvenidos ciclistas!


#fiesta de espuma a Igualada : performing singer is welcoming us!

27 August: Cervera – Algerri – 72 km

cervera_la-bici-esperandomeStarting quite early this morning in Cervera in front
of the #albergue of Sagrada Familia…

















Perfect #cycling conditions today after a rainy day yesterday #CaminodeSantiago con #bicicleta bici with #bicycle #Jakobsweg mit dem #Fahrrad #igerscatalunya #InstaCatalunya #Catalunyaexperience





 taladell_iglesia-con-bandera-catalanaTalladell, Lleida


 What a nice pueblo Talladell! Everything so quiet here







Tàrrega, Lleida


 Somos #Bicigrinos, una especie de peregrino 😉 La #foto lo muestra. llegamos a #Tàrrega

28 August: Algerri – Gabasa – 40 km

29 August: Gabasa – Berbegal – 50 km





Great view from our pilgrims hostel in #Berbegal where we’ve arrived at midday and spontaneously decided to stay
Berbegal, Aragon

30 August: Berbegal – Huesca – 60 km

antillon_echarme-en-la-piscinaSwimming…. entrance for free for pilgrims! What a refreshment!

Antillon, Huesca

We almost arrive in Huesca and have a little break in a nice #pueblo I don’t remember the name 😉

albergue-de-huesca_entradaWe just checked in this incredible hostal Hospital de pereginos San Galindo.

Got to know Julio who welcomed us with a big hug and lots more. Thank you Julio!!!



31 August: Huesca – Sarsamarcuello – 48 km

cocinero-en-huesca_mi-proximo-maridoPassing again by the restaurant El Volante where we talk again to the cook Enrique who made us such a good menu de peregrinos for 9 Euros yesterday! Taste the homemade desert torrijas!

city of Huesca, Huesca




1 September: Sarsamarcuello – Santa Cruz de la Seróz – 40 km

sarsamarcuello_yo-empujando-la-biciYesterday was a difficult day because of going uphill all the time. Sometimes had to leave the official #CaminodeSantiago #CSJ because it’s not accessible for #bicycles. But the view over the valley and the trail later on were worth it! :-O #nofilter

Sarsamarcuello, Huesca

2 September: Santa Cruz de la Seróz – Artiera – 37 km

3 September: Artiera – Sargüesa – 38 km

albergue-de-ruesta_comida-ecologicaHaving a coffee break in this very special place at the hostel of Ruesta. First albergue de peregrino I see where they offer ecological and vegetarian food. Great place, very unique!

Albergue de Ruesta (CGT)




Shadow on the bridge

#shadow on the bridge

#Schatten auf der Brücke

#sombra en la puente

#ombre sûr le pont

Artieda, Huesca



4 September: Sangüesa – Pamplona – 58 km

Sangüesa seems to be a nice town which has preserved its medieval image.

lektuere-fuer-pilger_leben-oder-gelebt-werdenGiveaway lecture in pilgrims hostal: ‘to live or to be lived’ /
What a title!!!

Sangüesa, Navarra





5 September: Pamplona – 0 km

Yeahhhh, we’ve arrived!!! In #Pamplona we finish for the moment, very happy to have been able to do this trip all the way starting from #Barcelona.


Pamplona, Navarra

concha-con-bici_camino-de-santiago_by-desconnectI’m sure this won’t be my last #CaminodeSantiago 😉
















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